Hush - Speak and Transact Freely

Private Cryptocurrency and Messenger using Zero Knowledge Mathematics

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Explorer Gitea F.A.Q Team
Why this website?You're right, most of the content lands on our official self-hosted Gitea website first, but it is nice to have a minimalistic and non-bloated js-free website to read some content as well.
What is Hush?Hush is Free Software. That is the core mission of the software and global community of cypherpunks that make the Hush software and peer-to-peer network possible. Hush is not a company nor foundation. We are not based in any country. We are a decentralized cypherpunk community and continue to research the bleeding edge in privacy.
Where can I get Hush?The only official place to get Hush source code and binaries is, which keeps it away from Github/Microsoft.
What is Hush Privacy Policy?Our policy is to store as little metadata as possible. We only ask for as little possible information to debug support requests, such as OS versions, wallet versions and other technical information. Hush does not mine your personal privacy to sell to advertisers, you keep your privacy and your dignity.

This website is purely for marketing and education purposes and our P2P network does not rely on it, not does our P2P network rely on DNS, which we believe is completely untrustable, just as Bitcoin developers rightly believe.

When using some Hush software, there are mandatory or optional features that require talking to third party websites and APIs. We cannot control how they use metadata, such as IP address, MAC address and other browser details.

Hush uses for Denial-of-Service protection and SSL (only for websites, not p2p network), for price feeds that can be turned off. We highly recommend using Tor/i2p or the TAILS/Whonix/Qubes with Hush.
How can I get to know HUSH better?Hush, the world's first pure Sapling chain (even before ZEC themselves) eliminating all risk of Sprout inflation bugs and reducing download size by over 1.6 GB:

HushList is a protocol for mailing list style messages on the Hush chain, HushList Whitepaper:, HushChat Private Instant Messenger Protocol on Hush:

Sietch, a Hush-written metadata protecting functionality:
What Operating Systems Does Hush Work On?We support Debian/Ubuntu, Arch and ARM based devices such as Raspberry Pi.
How can I install Hush?sudo apt install git curl build-essential libqt5websockets5-dev qttools5-dev-tools -y

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.3 -sSf | sh -s -- -y && exit

git clone && cd SilentDragonLite/util && ./
How to recover HUSH from the old webwallet?SDL can import old-style HUSH v2 private keys, which start with K or L. SDL will automatically "sweep" funds out of this private key, into a zaddr that is part of your Seed Phrase, it may take time for your funds to show up in your wallet.
How can I restore my old address starting with R, 5, L, U or K?./hush-cli importprivkey "privkey" "" true 0 128
How can I recover funds from a wallet.dat file?Install and start SD, create a new wallet. Your new wallet.dat will be in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\HUSH3, then close SD and replace that wallet.dat with your backup, open SD again.
How can I fix 16: bad-txns-oversize or bad-txns-acpublic-chain error?./hush-cli z_mergetoaddress "["RFd48drqDChxqJ6Hy"]" zs1hce6rdvum09ytce6rdvu7ewrzmfq3azaddr 0 0
How can I buy/get Hush anonymously?The best way is to mine Hush with ASICs, the less private way is to buy Bitcoin on localbitcoins and exchange it with or, consider "cash in person" method as well with paxful, localcoinswap, hodlhodl or localcryptos.
Where can I spend Hush?hush-box - pi 4 device with devuan and sdl/hush3 pre-installed - centralized exchange - centralized exchange
Can I mine HUSH on a personal PC?Only ASIC mining is recommended, HUSH uses Equihash (200,9) algo as Zcash, Horizen or Komodo.
What is the best ASIC miner for HUSH?Z15 Pro and Z15 are the best to mine HUSH, may help.
What are the mining specifications?Block Time: 75 seconds, block reward: 3.125 Hush and 10% goes to FR, so 2.8125 Hush, difficulty adjustment: every block, Digishield V3. HUSH total supply is 21M and reward halving happens every 4 years. P2P and RPC port is 18030 and 18031.
What mining pool do you recommend? and CoolMine as they follow all needed privacy precautions to keep your zaddr address private.
Can I install Hush on my phone?First use, then install with .apk from
Why is my balance different than the explorer?This can happen because your node may be out of sync, and still finding new blocks which contain payments to your address or all private keys were imported. Use the validation function to check if an address is in your current wallet.
What does a Hush address look like?It is not possible to send funds to transparent addresses, but shielded only that starts with zs1, if you own a taddr or zaddr on KMD, VRSC, SAFE for example, you own the exact same address on all the blockchains.
How can I run a SilentDragonLite backend?You will need at least 2 vCPUs and 4GB of RAM: