Hush - Speak and Transact Freely

Private Cryptocurrency and Messenger using Zero Knowledge Mathematics

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Hush has the largest anonset

The anonset is the number of people you are hiding amongst. Privacy coins based on CryptoNote Protocol, such as Monero and related forks, have anonymity sets that are per transaction. One transaction from Alice to Bob has it's own, it is not network-wide, such as in Zcash Protocol coins.

The anonset of Monero is 11 per transaction, Zcash has 193593 anonset at the recent block 1404593 and 598355 is for ARRR at block 1679225, while Hush has 824867 anonset at block 756816 meaning Hush has the largest anonset among all known privacy coins.

Zero-knowledge math instead of obfuscation

Monero transactions hide the actual funds you are spending with ten other, un-related coins, owned by other Monero users. These are called "mixins" and currently XMR uses 11 mixins. Users may have bad opsec which reduces your privacy, you are hiding in a small crowd and it gets smaller over time too.

First cryptocoin to encrypt data at protocol level

Every single HUSH transaction has a TLS 1.3 P2P encryption. Every node connection must be encrypted with https, which means the ISP does not know when you make a transaction, nor your "Transaction ID". They always know your IP address, which is why not giving them your txid is so important.

Hush has Sietch

Sietch makes the linkability analysis of fully shielded transactions drastically more expensive. It adds Monero-like protections on top of Zcash Protocol, which is why we describe Hush Protocol as an improved Zcash Protocol and most secure and private cryptocoin.

Hush Smart Chains

The future is multi-chain, hence the ease of creating new independent blockchains via Hush Smart Chains, sometimes called "sidechains". Hush empowers you to "spin up" a competitor to Hush with a single command, and it can integrate with the HUSH mainnet as much or little as you desire.

HUSH has the same emission schedule as Bitcoin

ARRR exists for 2 years and more than 90% of the total supply has been mined already, very similar to Monero but in Monero the Maximum Supply is infinite which makes it even worse. Hush was created in November 2016 and only about 50% of all coins have been mined as of May 2021.

Monero and Zcash are supported by blockchain analysis companies

CipherTrace delivers Monero tracing tools since August 31 2020. Since Zcash users are using transparent addresses all deanonymization attacks against Zcash works the same way as for Bitcoin.

Hush has encrypted chat system

HushChat has no phone numbers, centralized web servers, it is not a US-based or any kind of company/non-profit/organization, it has no Javascript/Electron, while it does have Plausible Deniability, multiple layers of encryption, compatibility with Tor and emoji support.

Hush is not a company nor foundation

Hush is Free Software and not based in any country. We are a decentralized cypherpunk community and continue to research the bleeding edge in privacy. 1 HUSH = 10000 encrypted messages which have censorship resistance backed up by Bitcoin hashrate which is why Hush is a Store-of-Privacy.