Hush - Speak and Transact Freely

Private Cryptocurrency and Messenger using Zero Knowledge Mathematics

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Hush believes in more cryptocoins in general and more privacy coins in particular, is a good thing, needed to fully displace corrupt institutions such as WU and VISA, that have preyed on the poor for decades. Even so, HUSH believes we are the very best privacy coin based on zero-knowledge math and we compete directly with Monero, the oldest and most-used privacy coin currently.

Zero-knowledge math instead of obfuscation

Let's say Alice makes an XMR transaction to Bob. They both have relatively good privacy, at first. Alice has very good operational security (opsec) and does not use that address for any other purpose. She does her part to preserve her privacy.

Now Bob on the otherhand, he has very poor opsec. He uses this same address on every website, exchange and shady darkweb market he uses. One (or many) of these can work together, to correlate details about Bob. They can be hacked for this information and they can be legally required to share it, or the companies can dedice to work together to reduce their fraud costs.

Bob's actions would hurt any privacy coin protocol, no matter how private. The point is that it hurts CryptoNote Protocol coins much more, of which Monero is one, then coins like Hush, which use zero-knowledge math instead of obfuscation.

By default, Monero transactions hide the actual funds you are spending with ten other, un-related coins, owned by other Monero users. These are called "mixins" and currently XMR uses 11 mixins. Previously they used only a few and had to use more to make the statistics look less bleak.

As time goes on, and Bob uses his bad opsec, and his friends have bad opsec, and honest users make honest mistakes, Alice's privacy goes down. And most importantly, it is reduced by the actions of others and she has no control or way to improve it. There is simply nothing Alice can do. It's a numbers game, you are hiding in a very small crowd and it gets smaller over time too.

Hush is based on zero-knowledge math and does not have this problem. We call it our "anonymity set" which is the number of unspent shielded outputs at a block height. For Monero, their "anonymity set" is only the number of outputs involved in the transaction, which is a tiny number. The Hush anonymity set is drastically larger and protects every transaction.

Encrypted data at protocol level

Every single HUSH transaction has encrypted data section, regardless of it being used. This means that every single transaction might have encrypted data. Only the sender and receiver know. Monero lacks this basic feature, which is why they cannot even create a competitor to HushChat, they lack the basic protocol-level feature to enable it.

Monero could, in theory, change and start doing this one day. But the problem remains, years of blockchain history did not use it, and it's trivial to tell if somebody is using this new feature. It must be enabled from the beginning, which is what HUSH has done.

Hush has Sietch

One of the main function of Sietch is to make linkability analysis of fully shielded transactions drastically more expensive.

Create your own Hush sidechain

The future is multi-chain, hence the ease of creating new independent blockchains via Hush Smart Chains, sometimes called "sidechains". Hush empowers you to "spin up" a competitor to Hush with a single command, and it can integrate with the HUSH mainnet as much or little as you desire and there are no taxes paid to Hush like on Ethereum.

Create your own Hush Smart chain and run all the servers, decide all the parameters such as block size/time, total supply, etc. and mine the genesis block, and create mining pools and explorers. HSC's are a scalable platform to create private HushChat communities isolated from HUSH mainnet.

This is a desired property for high-privacy use cases. HushChat is a federated chat system, where communities decide if users should be able to chat with each other, similar to Mastodon servers being a decentralized version of Twitter.

Total supply is fixed at 21 million, exactly the same as Bitcoin

There are no any real reasons to change the supply except to create a larger market capitalization in the early days of a coin, a cheap marketing trick. 21 million was good enough for Satoshi and good enough for Hush.

Monero has an unlimited supply, and hence, is not deflationary, like Bitcoin and Hush. Hush inherits more Store-of-Value properties from Bitcoin because of this.